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A website is one of the most important elements for a business in the digital world, regardless of how large that business might be or its type. A professionally designed website helps expand a brand’s presence on the internet. Furthermore, it is an integral part of the branding process. The website can be used to roll out various online marketing strategies, from lead generation to landing page creation for online advertising campaigns enabling the business to grow.

As a business owner, you desire more visibility. Much of the visibility today comes thanks in part to the internet. However, you can’t be visible on the internet without a clean, well-designed website. Sure, social media pages are important too but aren’t a substitute for a business website. Whether you are in the construction, education, or food industry, a website can make a big difference.

We make your website stand out. Our graphic designers have designed websites for businesses just like yours, but what sets us apart is we care about your business. That’s why we aren’t just designing a website but one that will help give you the best chance to compete against perhaps some of the most established players in the industry with features that give you an edge.

Let’s face it as a new business, you aren’t playing on a level playing field, but our website design is meant to give you an edge. After all, how your site looks is just one aspect of how well it performs.


Why Choose ClickK
To Design Your Website? !

You already know how important professional website design is to your service or products. However, here are a couple of reasons why hiring us to design your website gives your business an edge:

We design both local and national business websites – We are one of the most professional website design services with years of experience designing websites for businesses across two dozen local and national businesses.

Highly Experienced Professionals – Our website design team has years of experience designing websites for businesses of all types.
Reasonably Priced – Despite being experts, our website design services are reasonably priced. In other words, you save money by hiring us.

Friendly customer service – Excellent customer service ensures that your needs and requests are at the forefront of our efforts. We have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours brand their products and services, which is why we can help you too.

Have a question about our website design process? Feel free to call us today.


The Fundamentals
of Website Design.

To many people, website design is a series of visuals or graphics on a page. However, a lot of thought goes into adding these ‘elements’ to the page. A web designer needs to have an understanding of your business, its clients, and the current market to know where to ideally place each element. That’s why using a template does not work even for small businesses.

Web designers like us need to decide on the usage of various elements like colors, layout, graphics, structure, text styles, fonts, images, and standardizing code. Creating a single website often requires having multiple skills. When we design websites for businesses, our goal is to maintain an appropriate balance between the various elements on each page.

Website Design is an integral part of doing business. It highlights your online presence as a professional company, which is very important in both local and international markets. Furthermore, websites will include information like company details, updated blog posts, contact information, etc.

Our professional website creates your desired corporate identity to deliver your brand’s message both visually and in the form of content. If anything, a well-designed website can be instrumental in raising your conversion rates, helping a business achieve steady growth, revenue, and sales volume.

A user-friendly design can also help build trust and make it easier to connect with a loyal customer base.

Anyone who is serious about doing business online needs a professionally designed website. The website should be designed to visually communicate what your business is all about, its USPs, and where to find or buy your products. It also makes it much easier for prospects to be led down the sales funnel to eventual conversion from the first time they hear about your brand, its products, or services.

Many business owners assume that they can use website designs or templates offered by website builder platforms. Some platforms give users the illusion of them being able to create a website. While many businesses have successfully used these templates they aren’t the ideal choice for various reasons including the fact that they can’t be extensively customized. Most templates are meant to have a broad appeal which is why their use is limited.

When we design a website it is meant for that business only with no compromises. Whether it is an eCommerce store or a business web page, our designs are geared towards helping clients meet their goals.

We also make sure that the websites we design are mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines like Google, which focuses heavily on user experience. The designs will also work with SEO tools and other search engine-related plugins or platforms. Plus, we follow the latest design trends regardless of the content management system you might be using.

Let's Discuss
Your Business!

One of the first steps for us to start designing your website is to understand what your business is all about. Our professional web designers work with you to design sites that are best tailored to your business goals, such as:

• Conversions
• Increased traffic
• Speed
• Ease of use
• Modern look
• Branding purposes
• Email marketing

If you have a question about our web design services or would like to schedule a discovery meeting, please feel free to call us today or fill out our brief ‘contact form’ here. A member of our team will get in touch with you right away to discuss your project.