Use SEO to Help Your Dental Practice Grow
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Use SEO to Help Your Dental Practice Grow


Did you know dental practices investing in SEO can grow their revenue by up to 783%?

It’s not hard to see why dental practices invest in SEO: it helps them stand out and generate more business. Local Search Engine Optimization is a powerful and proactive marketing strategy for dentists who want to control their business future.

Investing in SEO provides an opportunity for dentists to either market themselves as experts or as cosmetic dentists. When marketing as experts, the focus is on keywords like “best dentist” or “dentistry”. For cosmetic dentistry, we need a different approach, such as “teeth whitening”. This term may bring more visitors who are searching for solutions to their cosmetic problems.


The question then becomes: how can a dentist optimize their site for local SEO success? Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take as a dental practice.


1. Upgrade Your Website

If you want to be found online, your website needs to be clear and well-organized. It not only helps with brand and trust-building, but it also helps you rank better. When visitors land on your site, they should know:

  • What services do you offer
  • Who your team is
  • How can they contact you

Make sure the website is mobile-friendly and customer-centered. These days, most people search for dental practices using their smartphones, so a great experience across devices is important.


2. Get On Local Sites

Local SEO experts recommend dental practices should concentrate on the first 20 business listings instead of trying to get listed across Google My Business, Yelp, and other major directories. The reason? Search engines prioritize these listings more than any other directory listing. A great way you can build up this citation database is to use a local citation-building tool.


3. Complete Your NAP Profile

These days, it’s not enough to have your name, address, and phone number listed on each page of your website. Google is starting to get wise to basic NAP profiles that lack the necessary information for potential patients. A great way you can avoid this is by using a NAP Citation Building tool.


4. Start Guest Posting

Are you a dentist who wants to reach new potential dental patients? A great way to do this is through guest blogging. If you don’t have the time or money, you can hire an experienced SEO agency or freelancer to write content for your site.


5. Optimize Your Yelp Profiles

If you’re a dentist in the United States, chances are you’re listed on Yelp. Some dentists have great experiences with their page while others hate it. Building an active profile could help you generate more business over time by keeping potential patients coming back. For example, one cosmetic dentist increased his Yelp profile page by 50% when he started using Yelp Ads.


You don’t need to hire an experienced SEO agency or freelancer for all of these tasks; however, by doing so you will get the guarantee of an established agency and reduce the time to increase your profits. 

Whether you decide to DIY or hire a local SEO agency, it’s important that you know what it takes to create a powerful local SEO strategy.


Are you looking for an experienced dental SEO agency to help your practice grow? Our award-winning team specializes in helping dental practices increase website visitors and revenue.


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